Facebook ads: 23rd-30th March

Week two of the experiment and things look like they might be picking up.

With a nice total of page impressions this week, it could be that the plateau i spoke of in my previous post is coming to fruition.

With over 2000 page impressions this week, it’s true to say that the initial 8000 was a one off, and purely because the ad was brand new. With a steady 200-300 ish average, apart from the 28th (what happened there??), it’d be interesting to know how long each page that the ad was was viewed for.

I see the social ads all the time on Facebook and i never really take much notice of them to be honest. I wonder if that’s just because i have tried to train myself to become immune to them, or if it’s general laziness?

Do other facebookers that see the ads have the same thought processes as me: See ad, acknowledge existence, move on…

Or do they take much more notice and contemplate clicking on it? It’d be interesting to find out.


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