Facebook ads: April 13th-20th

Week 5, the price is right?

So my following of the recommended bid (RB) seems to have worked, sort of. I’ve now returned to a steadier amount of page impressions (PI), but again after changing the RB, the inital jump in PIs was staggering.

I thought it’d be interesting to look at the number of page impressions over the five weeks.

The PIs have bumbled around the couple of hundred mark with the odd exception of when i’ve upped my bid. This is no bad thing as it means the ed is at least still getting out there. What hasn’t happened is a rise in the number of clicks – still got just the one (!)

It’s an interesting progress from $0.45 upto $3.61 in such a short space of time- more adverts must be being produced. It’s surely just a matter of time before the RB hits $10 – the critical point in the exercise for Facebook will be the point were nobody is prepared to pay for the ads. When this will come can only be a guess, but it’l probably be a long way off what with the reach of our favourite social network and the love of specific consumer targeting companies with big bucks have.


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