Saving a Packet – Doritos: You Make It, We Play It

In May, Doritos announced a competition to let you and I, the ordinary crisp eating public, create their next advert. With a prize of £20,000 and national commercial TV coverage of the winning clip, Doritos had around 900 entrants.

Made for just £6.50, this will appear in prime time ITV slots that could cost as much as £45,000.

Doritos set up a separate microsite for the competition drawing not only entrants, but also viewers and potential customers to watch the uploaded ads.

This is an innovative idea – not only are Doritos embracing UGC and converging the online and broadcast worlds, they’re also conversing with their primary demographic, the 16-25 year old male market.

Doritos have got great PR for relatively little cost; a couple of shillings here for online advertising with a few pounds there to put together and maintain the microsite. These are relatively low overheads an advertising push. Doritos’ only real outlay would be the prize money, which is probably a fraction of what they’d have spent on making their own ad in the first place.

The idea has made Doritos look approachable, edgy and set them apart from the likes of Walker’s who take a very traditional line to creating adverts.

With the Doritos brand back in the hands of their customers, it’ll be interesting to see how many others follow suit over the next 6 months.


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