Digitalis Digitalis

I stumbled across this blog post earlier today, what with me being a PR type and quite into my social media…

Almost A Lady is full of musings about PR/the media and for a fledgling flack, full of interesting insights.

This post outlines the types of PR people you’re likely to meet in the industry – naturally enthused i searched for what i’d consider myself to be, and found this wonderful description:

The Social Media Evangelist
Digitalis digitalis
Often if not invariably under 25. Networks on Twitter and in pubs. Can be identified by distinctive song: “you don’t still use FaceBook, do you?”

Requires regular caffeine inputs to function at full capacity. Likely to evolve into the Visionary.

The Visionary
Propheticus communicatus
Has seen the future of PR and is dragging their clients towards it whether they like it or not. Often at their best when surrounded by boring non-Visionary types with clipboards and action lists.

May have been a TV evangelist in a previous life, but far more likely to be onto something this time around.

I’ll have that :-)


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