Web 2.0 is dead, long live Web 2.1?

If Web 2.0 was about the growth in UGC and Social Networks, what will be the next social web evolution? To talk about it as Web 3.0 would be misleading – this could be the combination of cross platform social networking for example – it’s more of an update really, bringing it up to 2.1.

To say people are bored of social networks is a misnomer. Although the number of users signed upto Facebook has now been surpassed by Myspace, the interest in letting your friends know what you’re upto every second of the day is in great health. Twitter.com is a great example of this, thousands of people have signed up to what is essentially your own personal RSS feed.

The next stage in this is bringing all of the networking sites (including the likes of YouTube and Digg) together in one place. Two of the most exciting sites are friendfeed.com and socialthing.com which grab your updates, be they uploading pictures to Flickr or changing your favourite movies on Bebo, and link to them on your homepage.

The exciting thing is that far from opposing these singular sites, Facebook is allowing your friend feed to appear on your Facebook profile, seeing it not as a competitor, but as a complementary applet. The interesting point here will be how the media industry embraces this next stage of development. You can’t, for example, set up a group telling everyone how wonderful you, your writers or your client is. The industry is being challenged, whether it knows or not, to innovate ways of using this new format to get messages across to the consumer, without jumping on yet another bandwagon.


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