Phantom Goal PR Disaster for FA

**UPDATED 26/9/08**

The Football League have removed the original video of Reading’s “Goal” from Youtube due to licensing regulations – read into that wahat you will….

So you’ve seen the footage of the goal that never was for Reading at the weekend. You’ve digested the visual impact of the fact the ball was pretty much not in the goal. You’ve smiled at the ludicrous nature of the fiasco. What next?

Read all about it of course.

The press have gone mad for the lunacy that ensued at Vicarage Road on Saturday and the decision of Kevin Bannister and Stuart Attwell to give a goal that was never scored.

The Football League have caused themselves a little storm in a tea cup with the high-minded nature of their response to the incident. They’ve let the goal stand, named the scorer as Watford’s John Eustace and in the ensuing nonsense that followed, charged Aidy Boothroyd, Watford’s manager, for swearing at the aforementioned Stuart Attwell.

Mr. Attwell and Mr. Bannister will no doubt get a demotion and a slap on the wrist, and then poor old Aidy will be given a fine and probably a touchline ban.

This leaves the Football League and the FA looking more than a little foolish. Their statement, relating to the awarding of the goal: “The League can only confirm that the decision to award the goal was final – the Laws of the Game give no discretion in these matters and the referee’s decision on both the scoring of goals and the outcome of a match is final and binding.”

What they have done is taken the game of football out of the hands of the players themselves and put each result entirely at the discretion of the officals in charge of the match. If a referee so wished, by this methodology, he could disallow or give goals as he saw fit, regardless of what was going on in play

A monld have been alot worse; imagine if this had ocurred in an FA Cup final, or the Champions League, or worse, ManUtd vs. Chelsea….


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