BBC Smarter Homes – Pleo, Nabaztag and RFID

The BBC have written a very interesting article about Pleo and robots here…

The piece looks at how the two worlds of robotics may eventually converge; toys and appliances as one in our homes.

How many of us use RFID? Not many i’d guess, i certainly don’t, yet. It is set to be the next mini revolution in technology with the wonderfully named Nabaztag (Armenian for Rabbit) leading the way for consumers.

This cute little creature reads the signal from an RFID tag – literally. If a book has an RFID tag, the bunny will read the book to you – and like satnav, you can choose what voice it takes on.

This is all very novel (ho ho ho) but where will it come in useful?

At the moment you can tag an umbrella and the RFID reader will bring up a weather report – “but i can just look out the window” i hear you moan. What if you can’t look out of your window though. For the visually impaired, RFID could be of great help, from reading a newspaper, to using a computer or from identifying the colour of clothing to describing the size of a saucepan.

It is yet to be seen what mass consumer uses RFID might have, but it’s a small step in the direction of technology running the way we live our lives.


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