Telephones, James Bond and Web 2.1

As from tomorrow (or today), BT will be trialling Phorm openly for the first time.

Phorm is a way of tracking what websites you see, what words you type and what videos you view, and compiling all that lovely information and using it to target adverts at you, me, your mum, and my dad.

The software enables advertisers to perfectly judge who they can push out their marketing to to get the most click throughs and eventually sales.

This is the second time that BT will be testing the new software; first time round they kept quiet about the whole thing. And this isn’t surprising.

Phorm is an invasion of provacy of the like we’ve not been subjected to before especially online.

It is easy to garner alot of information about a person from the websites they look at, the things they search for and the videos they watch.

Surfing the web is a very private experience, unless you’re one of these people who sends millions of links to their freinds every day about nothing much at all. I like to read football blogs, news pieces, go job hunting, it’s not the sort of thing i want an advertiser to know though. I’m bombarded with enough marketing nonsense as it is. Now they target me even more, with stuff i might actually click on! God forbid…

All this is nothing new of course. Look at the Nectar Card. monitoring what groceries you buy and then offering you money off deals on complimentary goods – genius!

What is scary is that not only will your online personality be exposed to BT, it is the companies who will then try to buy that information that you need to be wary of – how many junk e-mails do you get after signing up for one mailing list?

But it is more than that. What should happen if this data were to leak, or be hacked into? Cyber criminals would hit the jackpot, enabling them to target you with phishing scams and knowing which sites were particular favourites, allowing them to specifically attack them for malicious means. Time to hide on then i think..

And as if i’m not safe from money grabbers, MI6 are watching what i do. Frankly i have no issue with this as i generally have nothing to hide, except for the odd biscuit from the missus.

The SIS are using Facebook as a way to recruit new operational officers. It would surpriseme not at all if it emerged that the intelligence services had been monitoring social networking sites ayway. In fact i’d be angry if they weren’t – who knows what a status implies eh.

It’s a very forward thinking and ‘modern’ way of looking to find the best people for the most dangerous of jobs. Facebook lets you tell more about yourself to complete starngers than you’d think, and i’m sure that the top people in character analysis are indeed working for the spooks and can tell a hundreds clicks away who will make spy potential. Now i’ve rumbled them i’ll never get a call up…


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