Consumption of what exactly?

UKStyle, UKFood and Fiver. These are TV channels that are full of programming from 6am to 2am,a product of the 24 hour digital viewing age.

The growth in cable, freeview and Sky over the last decade has seen the number of channels available sky rocket in a bid to make a profit from every possible niche market that devours television output.

There are channels dedicated to shopping, sport, lifestyle, news, music, history, art, comedy, science, nature, films, and so on. No stone has been left unturned in a bid to get each and every drop of tv watching time out of the viewing public.

The reason for this is of course money. The profits to be made from advertising are very healthy. Who wouldn’t turn down 2.5k for 45 seconds of advert? Not the TV execs.

But one thing interests me: who actually watches these channels?

According to BARB (they monitor tv viewing figures) 16,000 people watched the Community channel, 0.2% of the total possible reach. 229,000 people sat through an average of just 2 minutes of UKStyle’s prgramming and 403,000 people watched UKFood instead of cooking it.

So, quite a few people it would seem. Which begs, why are they watching it?

To kill time – there’s nothing else to do all day!

Genuine interest – yes, there are some people who find watching the National Lottery channel riveting

As the quality of prgramming gets better as competition for advertising money increases, hopefully the current vacuuous drivel that is currently shown will gradually be replaced by genuinely innovative shows.

To this end we have an example: Dave.

Dave has been often mocked for showing re-run after re-run of Top Gear, QI and Who’s Line Is It Anyway? but now Dave has a raft of new original shows due to start showing shortly. Yes these are falling in line with a win win formula (Argumental is a quizcom) but they are now beginning to reap the rewards for the advertising money they’ve brought in over the last 18 months.

If Dave can do it, so can you!


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