Twinfluence is a new tool that at about three and a half seconds old, has shown itself to be quite important already.

Measuring the influence of the social media sphere is tricky. Technorati is wonderful but is still lacking in categorisation by country. It’s all well and good knowing what the top 1000 blogs are, but how about knowing what the top 50 UK blogs are? Not possible yet.

Twinfluence measures how popular, and therefore how influential, your Twittering is:

Barack Obama is the top of the Twinfluence rankings. this is indicative of just how important the micro-blogging craze is, and how switched on BO is with the yoof.

There’s now even a how to get a good ranking guide at Mashable.

At 4,000 odd, i’ve a long way to go, but here’s hoping!


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