ABCs produce interesting results

Official newspaper figures have revealed that getting news from websites is more popular than ever.

I was shocked to learn recently that the Guardian website gets 24 million uniques per month, that ismore than the BBC, until now seen as having the bigest attraction in the UK.

Why does this shock, you might ask?

The circulation of the Guardian is only around 340,000, that’s roughly 1% of their online audience.

What’s the reason for this?

The site itself is logically laid out, but, look at the homepage, it is very text heavy in comparison to the BBC’s. The content itself is slanted towards the traditional Guardian readership, those slightly better off and better educated. Are they shying away then, from the BBC offering?

Is BBC online dumbing down? The use of big graphics and bright colours could indicate something of that nature is taking place. The quality of the journalism is as you’d expect – neutral but informative. The amount of content is massive, and the regional aspects of the site are improving all the time.

Is it then, the presence of opinion that is taking people to the Guardian online?

Just possibly…..


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