I’ve just found a great little statistical analyser for Twitter called TweetStats.

Enter your Twitter name and after a few moments the site produces a whole bunch of graphs telling you how much you use Twitter, when you use it and who you’re communicating with.

I tweet almost identically throughout the week, between 8-10 times each day, mainly in the late afternoon (maybe work gets quieter than, who knows).

See my results here!

This led me to find a really interesting question on Darren Rowse’sTwitip. ‘Do You tweet More or Less on the weekend?’

Well as it turns out, it’s still pretty much the same! Granted i’ve tweeted 12 times today, but one of those was saying how consistent i am….

Can these stats be used by marketers to find out when their key audience is at its most vibrant and hence lead to the monetarisation of Twitter? If the audience reach would be large enough, is there a company out there who would dare to talk to Twitter to place adverts? Or more importantly, would the Twitter team accept an approach from a marketing man, trying to buy ad space?

If Twitter succumbed and put out ads, i think that there would be a swift migration of users to other platforms such as Pownce or Tumblr. These guys and girls don’t like being advertised at and would construe this as broadcasting, a huge Twitter no no, and go find somewhere new to play.

It isn’t out of the question remember, Facebook‘s ad scheme is still very small time, but once the ad men have got their foot in, there’s no way of pulling out because when you remove that revenue stream you have to quickly readjust your cash flow. This could mean a loss of jobs and a drop in the quality of service, leaving the users disenchanted and leaving pretty quickly.


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