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What’s the most efficient way to tweet and be tweeted?

Or more specifically, i suppose, i’m asking what’s the best way to be a good tweeter and be tweeted to back?

After readin a post on the wonderful Blabweb, i’m in concurrence that following people who are in your field is the most rewarding experience, not just following everybody.

I’m in the PR industry, so, it makes sense to find other like minded PR people. Not only this, but how about following journalists too? As a PR this is perhaps the most useful way of using Twitter.

A lot of tech hacks are now using Twitter as a way to get information from people that they trust, or to ask for their opinions. Without wanting to go too PR-dahling on you, it’s a great way to build relationships – journalists are no longer just a voice on the other end of the phone telling you to bog off or send them more information. They are, just like me (shock horror).

I hope that as a journalism degree wielding hack turned flack, my previous experiences of being approached by PRs would make me more considerate. Indeed, i often get odd looks from some of my colleagues when i’m talking with a journalist because i’m very conversational. It’s not because i’m being overly friendly just to get my client some coverage, it’s because i’m genuinely interested in what they’re upto and how they perceive story X as playing out.

Twitter has slowly brought home to some of my colleagues, and myself to a lesser extent, that the more you break down the barriers of communication, the better the relationships you can forge.

I’m a bairn in this industry, but i hope that by using the likes of Twitter to comunicate i’m ahead of alot of my peers and this makes me, and my agency, alot more approachable.

If i can get a piece of coverage after tweeting with a journalist, then fantastic. But, what if i can make a friend, or long term contact? We are, after all, just human beings, and we’re social creatures by nature, regardless of our occupations.


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