Monittor – ing the voice of the people

Monittor is a new fandangled tool that is a real time Twitter feed monitor which allows you to input keywords which are automatically searched on Twitter. Relevant posts which contain these words are then highlighted.

This is increasingly relevant as new research has revealed that Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site, up 343% on last year.

So why is this interesting? We’ll perhaps it’s not for everyone but it certainly should be to those that, like me, are interested in conversational PR.

Client Conviction – If a client is sceptical about the amount of influence social media and micro blogging sites have, this provides a useful snapshot and documentary evidence about how much (or little) they are being talked about online. It’s worth remembering that people on Twitter are the type who’ll blog while on their mobile phones and are most likely to be switched on to new technologies.

Selling Yourself – Many PRs are now using Twitter as a way of communicating with journalists; hacks too are using it to find information from PRs. This is much quicker than sending out a raft of e-mails to your contacts but if anything, it underlines the importance of relationship building on both sides of the fence. A great piece of coverage could be round the corner of you’re chums with a hack, have a great story and can react quickly.

Crisis Management – Finally it allows you to get an update of who is talking about your clients on Twitter and what is being said about them – this could be vital if a story breaks on a website which is detrimental to your client’s image. You can quickly pick up where it’s being reported and try to prevent the ripple of other sites writing about it.

What PRs must avoid however is broadcasting – this is where Twitter is used simply to inform followers of your updates, be they blog, site or life, without engaging in conversation.

With Monittor, broadcasting can be negated by finding people talking about your clients and then engaging with them as opposed to talking at them, which is of course, the whole point….


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