I literally stumbled upon Musicovery whilst trawling my way around the web on Sunday.

Musicovery is a web based radio station that plays music defined by your mood, genre and favourite musical decade, pop pickers.

Tracks are then selected according to the aforementioned factors and are then sorted into a playlist created to fit your current mood. You can ban songs or artists that come up and you don’t like so you only get what you want. There are of course the obligatory ‘click here to buy this song’ links to Amazon, Ebay and iTunes.

This isn’t anything particularly new in principle, iTunes for example has done a great job of sorting tracks for me for the last year. What i do like about Musicovery is the selection of bands; it is actually quite varied within each genre. In a dark mood with all decades selected for rock (no indie as such), i hopped from the Cranberries to Tom Petty, via Coldplay and Modest Mouse – a pleasant enough cohort.

What i’d like to see is a blip style widget and the functionality to add chums with the same, or completely different, tastes in music.

Go have a look, and let me know what you think!



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