Youmeo – You and Me Online

I recently came across youmeo, a social networking site that, like many others, claims to give you the ability to keep all of your social networks tied together in one handy place.

It is, like many of the other platforms that try to do this, incredibly promising, yet hopelessly frustrating.

Of the key social networks, there are only Facebook, Myspace, Freindster, Pownce and Tumblr that you are (so far it has to be added) able to combine.

Much like you can update your networks to your status in one go, but unlike, it is slow to load and feels chunky.

However, what, the bumpf claims, the main selling point of youmeo is, is the (soon to be fully functional) “social search function, enabling users to interrogate their various profiles and also that of their friends/contacts along with other users across the site, in order to be provided with a list of relevant results which are based upon a new ‘peer-trust’ system”. Nice use of third party advocacy to sell a social network there chaps; much appreciated.

There are so far, not too many users signed up apparantly; i searched for profiles with ‘music’ as a ‘you’ interest, and only 24 people showed up on the found page. Likewise i did the same for music and 24 people showed up… a few glitches to be ironed out there before we move out of beta.

If the ‘peer-trust’ system actually works, it could add another interesting little tist to the already tangled fabric and increasingly saturated SN market, and it’ll only be a matter of moments before one of the big boys snaps the idea up and makes it their own.



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