PR vs. the recession

According to research agency Shape The Futurebetween September 23 and October 4, PR agencies could in fact benefit from the current economic troubles.

36.4% of businesses said that they are likely to increase PR and marketing spend, whilst another 475% said they planned no change at all, with 9% saying they’re likely to make cut backs.

The growth in social media and the willingness of companies to now speak with customers using the internet means that there more cost effective ways of making the market aware of your brand.

Setting up a Facebook profile or twitter acount is now the very least that a company can do to interact with potential and existing customers. I would expect no less in fact. To begin a conversation with your audience you have to actually want to be a part of it, not, as advertisers would have it, simply push a message out and expect sales to fly.

This is where PRs can come into their own. As most of the cutting edge agencies are deeply involved with the various forms of online chatter, they can mae this their specialist area. Break out or national coverage is NOT the be all and end all anymore, and the sooner that companies realise this, the better.

PRs know their client’s markets, what to say and how to say it when facing consumers or journalists. If a brand wants to connect with the ‘real people’, get the PRs to do the work. Ok, so you may not make millions more pounds overnight, but by building that awareness and talking with your audience, they are more likely to choose you over your ocmpetitors in the future because you have a human face, not the generic 1980s corporate mask.



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