That Sunday Feeling

An eQuest survey in April revealed that Monday is the most popular day to go job hunting. 20% of employees surveyed said that they look for new work whilst in employment on the first day of the week. Indeed, noon is the most active search time (presumably because everybody’s on lunch).

This led me to wonder, what days are most active in the blogosphere? Common wisdom would dictate that the weekends would be the prime time for the blogosphere to explode into life, yet, if you read your favourite blogs daily you’ll notice that only a few hardcore writers are blogging everyday.

Does the blogosphere slow down on Sundays? It is, after all, the day of rest.

Twitter certainly seems slower, but the regulars are still there, Tweeting away. Similarly with Facebook, there seems to be less activity than on a week day between 7-9pm.

As far as I can find, there are no comprehensive statistics that can indicate which days are the most popular for blogging, which is a shame. Why is this of interest?

As a marketeer or a PR, if all of a sudden you find that Saturday blogging is non-existent but that Sundays are a gaggle with blog posting, you can target that ‘at home’ demographic who have time to sit down and seriously plot out a post, or even an entire week’s worth of posting.

Would we find that Saturdays become the sixth day of the week as bloggers become targeted by brands looking to promote their wares through a new unexplored conduit?

Has this started happening, and we just don’t know it?

Certainly the PR industry hasn’t taken this approach, yet, and there’s been no utterings of such a scheme taking place.

That’s not to say that in the future this won’t occur; in a way it is perhaps better that these statistics don’t make it into the hands of brands, it is after all, a day of rest for them AND for us.



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