Soul searching: Top 5 music search engines

Seeqpod is a new search engine, focussing on multimedia content. You can hunt down music videos and mp3s and play them instantly, and what’s more, it’s all fully legal.

The service is available to embed into your website as just the search engine, or a playlist which you can share with your music loving chums. This is the most comprehensive service of its kind I’ve found yet, and it’s also available on your windows mobile.

What’s more, by going through to the In Silico page, you can find a list of things the Seeqpod team are working on, well worth checking out.

This I believe is a something that is becoming more and more common – we’re finding ourselves in a stage of anti-google. Google is so vast and expansive that sometimes it’s tough to find exactly what you’re looking for in amongst the page after page of ‘not quite but close’ search matches.

Are we going to find ourselves hunting for specific types of information through different search engines which speicialise in hunting down just the one type of information? Division of labour is one of the first things you learn about in business classes after all.

So here’s a lovely list of my top 5 anti-google music search engines:

Songza – nice and simple, quick, and very orange.

Track9 – gives you the option to download or embed your favourite songs into websites.

Mix Turtle – again very simple; you can’t download tracks but you can ad them to a playlist accessible by signing up to the service.

Playlist – add your favorite songs to a playlist by signing up, gives you the option to get the song as a ringtone.

Cuil – the epitome of anti-google, Cuil is a standard search engine, but it is fantastic for finding information about music and far more efficient than it’s big competitor, but poor for finding MP3s.


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