Tweet, minister is a service that makes it easy to connect the public with MPs using Twitter. The service wants constituents to find their MPs (or invite them to use Twitter if they’re not already doing so) and encourage direct conversations. TweetMinster is dedicated to promoting better communication between voters and elected representatives, according to a press release that landed in my inbox this afternoon.

Is it not dangerous that we can connect with MPs and tell them, or, more likely, their press team, what we think of them and their policies?

Not in some cases. It may be terrible to say it, but I think any genuinely brave attempt to get involved with ‘the kids’ might just backfire on our elected members of parliament. At a time when politicians are viewed as pretty low specimen of the human race, their need to be seen as being ‘connnected’ will be perceived as an attempt to talk with the voters, purely copied from Barack Obama.

Tweetminster is a device that allows us to find our MP if he or she is on Twitter. So I searched for Watford’s Claire Ward who, alas, is not yet tweeting with her constituency.

The idea is the brain child of former Labour website worker Andrew Walker who was partly responsible for their 1997 election year site. Shame then, that Claire isn’t busy tweeting; one wonders what exactly it is she does do from her ofice in the corridors of power – I’ve certainly never seen her wasting time on Facebook like the rest of us.

Personally I think this is just a vehicle launched on the back of Barack’s brilliant campaign – disagree?


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