Santa Claus – the brand

Christmas is five days away (woo hoo!) and with it we’ve seen the usual build up, albeit slower than normal this year, of Christmas fever.

The recession has certainly hit poor old St. Nick this year. High street spending has been slower and it just doesn’t feel as Christmassy this year.

What does this mean for Santa Claus though?

Perhaps in order to prevent 2009’s bleak economic outlook creating the same feeling of doom and gloom, he needs to reinvigorate shoppers.

How can he do this?

For a start, the old man doesn’t even have a Facebook account. Get with the times grandad, even my Dad has a Facebook account! Did you see Santa engaging with anyone on Twtitter? Nope. Wouldn’t it be fab if on Xmas Eve we were to get regular updates: “Just flying over London now, not as pretty as New York”, “Rudy’s got the hiccups again! Too much sherry Mrs. Miggins!”.

How can he expect us to take him seriously if he doesn’t even have a proper blog? it’d be interesting to see what he gets up to in the build up to his day of work. It’s not like he doesn’t have time on his hands is it?

In short, Santa needs to adopt social media and embrace it to prevent finding himself out of touch and out of date. Get into the 21st Century Santa!
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