Facebook hits Christmas Day high

New figures from Hitwise have revealed that Christmas Day was the busiest time for facebook this year, with 1 in every 22 website visits going to the popular social networking site. Facebook’s traffic was up 69% on December 25th and was the second most visited site, beaten only by Google.

Similarly, Youtube was more popular than Hotmail over Christmas week, accounting for 2.13% of all web visits compared to Live Mail’s 2.11%.

This means that over the Christmas period, social networks acounted for one in ten website visits putting them behind only entertainment, shopping, search engines and classifieds in terms of popularity.

These new figures just go to demonstrate how big social netowrks are becoming, and what an influence they are havin on our daily lives There are a couple of reasons for Facebook’s popularity on Christmas Day, in 2007 it was again the most popular day for facebook visits, beaten only in July of 2008.

Christmas is a time for getting in touch with people you rarely speak to, friends or family, and what better way to do so than by sending them a friendly poke or a message on Christmas Day? We are of course social animals and want to be seen, if nothing else, to be spreading the festive love.

Christmas Day is also one of the most time rich days of the year. After the morning present opening and then lunch, if you are at home with your family, there’s nothing to stop you logging on for half an hour to wish everyone a happy Christmas. Conversely, if you’re on your way to see the in-laws, grandparents etc, you may well find yourself in the back of a car, logging on via your mobile, and quite possibly Tweeting about it too.

This isn’t a damning indictment of our society, we just don’t care about Christmas anymore, but it is an indication that we’re becoming more connected than ever before, and there is no better time to say hi to loved ones than Christmas.


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