Top 10: Music Business Blogs for the uninitiated

There are a lot of music blogs out there. From small indie blogs, to huge spiralling out of control everybody-wants-a-piece-of-us megablogs. But the majority of these focus on reviewing music and until recently i’ve struggled to find any good digital music business resource sites.

So I unpacked my trowel and went digging – here’s what I excavated:

1) New Music Strategies
2) Digital Music News
3) Kings of A&R
4) Indie Music Tech
5) Pat Woodward
6) Coolfer
7) Digital Audio Insider
8) Hypebot
9) Know The Music Biz

So what would be in that all important number 10 slot? How about Industry Bible Brands Bands Fans from Frukt, the guys behind the indespensible Five Eight magazine? Let me know what you think!


9 thoughts on “Top 10: Music Business Blogs for the uninitiated

  1. @Alex, so Crazed Hits would be your entry for the vacant number 10 spot? Good shout. What does everybody else think? Is there anybody else i’ve missed?

    Incidentally, does this mean my band won’t be accepted if we submit a demo….

  2. Hi Matt

    great list, thanks for making it. Have twittered it. I also like, TheMusicSnob and MusicAlly do a great daily newsletter – can pick it up via the LondonConnected site

    all best, Caroline

  3. Hi Caroline, i hope you find it useful! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your suggestions!

    Really like the work Stuart Dredge puts into Music Ally, and Music Snob and are definitely worth adding to RSS feeds too!

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