Compare the Meerkat have come up with a wonderful new advertising campaign, Compare the Meerkat, which plays on a stereotyped Russian pronounciation of the word market.

The advert essentially features a talking Russian meerkat who is complaining about how easily people get the two websites mixed up. You can see the ad here. have really embraced the internet with this campaign.There is a dedicated micro-site and even a Facebook page for the meerkat hero of the advert, Aleksandr Orlov. The advert itself is hilarious and works on a similar level to Borat’s mickey taking of Kazakhstan.

What this demonstrates is just how switched on the marketing team at is. They are using the power of the web to get people clicking through to the meerkat comparison site, where yes, you CAN compare meerkats and choose which one is right for you, which is of course laden with links (helping the SEO naturally) to Links to the meerkat site are flying around Twitter – the exact effect will have wanted – and fans are slowly being made on Facebook.

Whether or not more people will actively use the site because of the new campaign remains to be seen, but if nothing else it shows there’s still a sense of humour out there in ad-land.


11 thoughts on “Compare the Meerkat

  1. And the wonderful thing is that he’s actually enagaging with people and not blasting out the URL every 5 seconds – a really well run campaign so far

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  4. One of the best ad campaigns ever, in the entire world. I used the CTM site because of it. Very funny and much welcomed.

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