Top 10: Art Blogs for the uninspired

Triggered off by a recent visit to the Tate Modern, I began to think about how we communicate using art and it’s different forms. It’s not just pictures or colours, it’s shapes and movement too. Here’s a list of art blogs to get you pondering…

1) Modern Art Obsession
2) Tom Moody
3) Hipshots
4) Modern Art Notes
5) Art Observed
7) New Art
8) Culture Bot
9) Modern Kicks

What do you think should be that all important number 10? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Top 10: Art Blogs for the uninspired

  1. Cool.

    Your blog entry came up on the RSS feed to my squidoo page Why We Love Art Blogs. There are some entries here that we have not got to covering yet on Art Connect, although all-but-one are on the list to do.

    As for number 10, difficult to say, because I have well over 100 sites that could be considered favourites. However, based on your selections, I think you would like C-Monster, and ARTmostfierce, and Brief Epigrams.

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