PR Policy for Bloggers

As a blogger, what is your PR policy?

Many blogs don’t include this vital piece of insight and it is potentially as important to PR/blogger relations as your ‘About Me‘ section. It is all well and good if a PR has read your blog, understood your audience and has a grasp on how to approach you, but what is their next move?

It is often at this point where the communication problems begin. If a PR is unaware of what exactly the best method is to approach you, or when the best time to apporach you is, then how are they going to be able to maximise the possibility that you might build a strong relationship?

As a PR, if you haven’t read the blogger’s articles, made sure your client is relevant and written a pitch that isn’t going to end up on the Bad Pitch Blog, then you should go and start again.

However, bloggers need to make it as clear as possible to PRs if/how they want to be approached with possible releases or ideas for blog posts for all concerned.

So for ease, there are several things bloggers should make clear to PRs who are thinking of pitching:

Firstly, are you happy to be approached? Simple to forget this one believe it or not.

How do you want to be approached? If you follow me on Twitter then DM me, that’s a good start.

Do you have a preferred time to be Tweeted/e-mailed? Last thing before I finish work is usually a good one as I check my personal e-mail when I get home.

What sort of content are you after from PRs? Offers of holidays would be grand obviously, but if you don’t do product reviews, why should you start now?

How long does it take for the PR-Blogger-Publish process to be complete? If i’ve already got four posts lined up, yours won’t jump the queue, but, it will be next in line.

Will the coverage be mutually beneficial? Read as, If I take your press release, will I get more traffic and will your client think that my article has provided them with good quality coverage.

Will the PR return? Bloggers want to build relationships, not be used for one off quick easy PR hits.

This is not a definitive list of things to consider when making your PR Policy clear, but they are a good foundation to start from – what would you add to this list?


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