Russell Brand Joins Twitter – Twitterverse rejoices

Twitter has welcomed Russell Brand to the web 2.0 party to join Jonathan Ross. I dread to think what the Daily Mail will say. But more to the point, this is a shining example of how the microblogging service can bring together groups of different people who then share the same experience – of watching lines of text appear from all over the world and interacting with the person behind them

It’s very rare that ‘ordinary’ people get the opportunity to at least partly interact with people in the public eye. Andy Murray’s Twitter feed provides an interesting insight into post match thoughts for example. it is this which for which Twitter should be praised and not maligned as has been the case previously.

I wait with baited breath to see if Russell ends up having more followers than anyone yet, he currently has (as of 23:22) 2,935… more will surely come as the UK gets online tomorrow and reads about the latest edition to Twitterland.

UPDATE: Speed of the media eh, both Jack Schofield at the Guardian and DrewB were quick off the mark writing about Russell’s new adventure, what a wonderful space we interact in :)


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