Profile: Anorak

This month i’ve been lucky enough to speak with Cathy Olmedillas from Anorak Magazine. Borne out of a flash of inspiration and a real gap in the market for a beautifully illustrated and fun magazine for kids, Cathy set about developing Anorak, which she very aptly refers to as ‘the happy mag for kids’!

Basic stats and facts:

How many uniques per month do you get? The site has an average of 5,800 unique visitors a month and this figure is increasing rapidly.

What’s the Anorak demographic? Although Anorak is aimed at children aged between 5-9 years, its content is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, including adults. The magazine is published quarterly and retails at £3.50 per issue.

What’s the best e-mail to send editorial information to?

What’s the best e-mail to send advertising opportunities to?

The Anorak philosophy

When did Anorak start publishing? Anorak was launched in Winter 2006 and represents a new direction in children’s magazines. Its art-house look and feel gives it the ‘cool’ factor that is so lacking in children’s media today. It fills parents with nostalgia (Anorak is inspired by the traditional annuals of our own childhoods – think Beano) and importantly, provides them with assurance that the content is suitable for its readers’ age group. The tone is naïve, innocent, quirky, engaging and positive in outlook

What can readers expect to find in Anorak? You’ll find little editors carrying out book & film reviews (there’s an unofficial team of 70 children’s contributors!), mad cap comic strips, quirky fashion features, colouring-in pages and engaging stories focusing on real life issues affecting kids, but always with a light-hearted feel.

How big is the editorial team? Anorak has built a reputation for working with some of the most talented illustrators around today and Winter 2008 is no exception. Illustrators include Jean Jullien, Patrick Gildersleeves, Amandine Urruty and Laura Ljungkvist.

At Seldom Seen Kid, it’s all about making the connection between journalists and PRs easier. This is the first of a monthly profile piece that looks at different publications, be they offline or online. If you’d like to be considered for next month’s slot, please send answers to the questions above to matt[@], or drop me a line for more details!


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