Top 10: Free Music Streaming Services for the MP3 Generation

There are so many sources to get music from, both legally and illegally, but which are the best? Check out the following free music streaming services and decide which you think is the best!

1) Spotify
2) We7
5) Rhapsody
6) Grooveshark
8) Imeem
9) My Music Stream

I’ve got a handful of invites to Spotify, if you’d like one, please sign up to my e-mail updates! I only have a few, so if you miss out, please don’t worry as i’ll send you an invite when I get some more :-)

What have I missed from this list that should fill spot number ten?


8 thoughts on “Top 10: Free Music Streaming Services for the MP3 Generation

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  2. Matt,

    I use I am a jazz lover so I created a playlist that consists mostly of jazz but I included some rock and a little hip-hop. The music tracks are generated by imeem but they have YouTube videos for several tracks also. You can check my playlist at

    Talk to you soon!

  3. Thanks for this post, I’ve learned a lot more now about dir of mp3’s. My favorite is a directory I found somwere on google. It contains thousands of mp3’s. I’ve added the link in that website url option. Hope to see a lot more posts from you!

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