Jinni – films go social

There are many different music recommendation services out there; We7, Lala.com and of course the big daddy of the lot, Last.fm. You would therefore imagine, that that other great medium, films, would have a similar array of services telling you what films you’ve never heard of that would just simply suit you down to the ground. Jinni is the latest of the very few sites to do this.

After signing in for the first time, you are asked to fill out your profile and do a very quick tick box survey, for want of a better term, to decide what sort of films you like. You run down a list of genres and plots, choosing what you want to watch and what you don’t.

You are then free to explore the site at will. Find films by title or type using key words in the search bar and stills of movies that are deemed to suit what you’re looking for flash up. The pictures are ordered by size in a patchwork quilt of classic shots with the largest being the most relevant to you. The great part about the service is the opportunity to tell your friends what you think they should see, in a very Last.fm stylee.

When you’ve decided on what film you want to see, click on ‘watch it’ and you are taken through to a screen which tells you where you can purchase the film and then stream it. Like Hulu, one of Jinni’s primary competitors, if you’re outside the USA, this is as far as you can go for the moment.

The user interface is easy and not too cluttered, but the intuitive pop up boxes that come up when you place your mouse pointer over a film can take a few seconds to fully fade up and then fade down. The Jinni blog is updated very regularly, with one of my favourite posts being this, a piece about films from around the world.

Jinni is indicative of the way that we are all becoming more entwined with each other’s tastes, be it in music, film or art. The only drawback is the non-watchability of films for anyone outside America, but as licensors wake up to the huge market they’re missing out on, that’ll change, and there will be a whole host of services like Jinni ready to make the most of it.

If you’d like to try Jinni for yourself, e-mail me at matt@seldomseenkid.co.uk for an invite code!


2 thoughts on “Jinni – films go social

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful overview of Jinni. Glad you enjoyed the blog post about Romanian film too! As you note, our “Watch It” options outside the US are unfortunately limited by rights issues. We do stream some video on Jinni that’s is viewable outside the US, and this will increase with time as we expand our “Watch It” catalog – and as online content availability hopefully improves too. Feedback welcome anytime!

  2. Hey Pheobe, thanks for the comment :-)

    Looking forward to the expanded catalogue, think you guys are doing a great job!

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