We7 Valentine’s Day Playlists

Now, i’m not one to be particularly for or against services or brands, especially in my line of work. However, it’s always nice to be contacted by a friendly PR who wants to get you involved with a promotion that they’re working on – it shows that they’re wanting to engage with you and it’ll benefit both parties; two way conversations are a wonderful thing.

So, when I was e-mailed by the PR team at We7 saying that they’re running a Valentine’s Day themed playlist promotion, I couldn’t help myself – the idea is that you create your own playlists based on Feb 14th. Being an eager soul, here’s two I put together:

One for Valentine’s Day…

One against Valentine’s Day…

We7.com - Great Music - Free

Let me know which one you prefer, then go make your own at We7 :-)

You can follow We7 on Twitter for all the latest updates and Twittery goings on and read their blog here.


4 thoughts on “We7 Valentine’s Day Playlists

  1. Must admit your Pro Valentine’s Playlist is good but the Anti-Valentine Day one is cleverer (and some great songs, listening now), brilliant balance.

    Thanks for your support.


    CEO We7

  2. Thanks Steve, glad you liked the lists, had good fun listening to the songs to pick the right ones, and thanks for the comment!

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