Keemedia and sharing content socially is a Digg for the PR community. PRs sign up and submit PR/marketing related articles for fellow PRs to read, comment on and pass to their colleagues. The service is made possible through Pligg, a Digg like platform developed by Spaniard Ricardo Galli, and implemented by

To submit an article, simply drag a bookmark button onto your browser and then click it on any pages you think would be relevant to the PR community. The submit page is as you would expect, with the ability to add comments, tag the piece and suggest which category it should sit in. Categories include Automotive, PR Blogs and FMCG, and you can set up RSS feeds for each one to keep up to date with the latest webpages that are added to each one.

The site is in it’s infancy, and there are quite a few glitches that keep cropping up. However, these small niggles aside, the service that the site is offering is an interesting proposition. A bespoke social bookmarking service for professionals in particular industries is something that has not yet been fully explored. The likes of and Diigo are wonderful tools that allow you to share non-specific bookmarks with anyone you like, but these do not allow easy specialisation.

This is the next step for social media – essentially it is division of labour, managed from one central point. For example, you could manage your PR, music and art bookmarks individually such as with Diigo, which would subsequently be manageable from something like Friend Feed.

A system like this for Twitter, for example, would make eliminating noise from the content you are receiving minimal, and make the content you are sharing more relevant to the people in your different social speheres. I would only send interesting music articles to friends who have made me aware they want to receive music bits, but they’d not get any updates about digital marketing, for example.

What Keemedia now need to do is to refine their UI and to let more people know about the service. Members are few at the moment and without more users joining the service, the small community will struggle to compete with the larger social bookmarking offerings that are out there, but the need to whittle down your social media activity from lots of noise to a few key elements, will mean that Keemedia could provide a vital service to the Social Media and PR community.


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