Anvil to rock Glastonbury, Download, Reading, Leeds…

The Internet is a wonderful thing. 1980’s rockers Anvil could play Glastonbury, Download, Reading and Leeds festivals following an online petition which found its way to Emily Eavis. Following the release of a film about the band by British director Sacha Gervasi, Anvil fans’s signatures have poured onto the e-petition and the once EMI labelled group could find themselves playing at Glastonbury in June.

Or, could it be that this is hype to boost the level of interest in Sacha Gervasi’s film?

Anvil have already played a one off show on the film’s launch night, and are reportedly working with (another 80’s rock band) Slayer’s manager to thrash out a deal.

This is another example of the power of the world wide web to boost the awareness of a cause, and it could just tie in nicely with Sacha’s film.

What better press could a film get than to be able to position itself a cult title that is making a real difference to the lives of four people, giving them another shot at fame and fortune, whilst causing a stir in the music industry and on the live circuit. Even Keanu Reeves is in on it.

This is undoubtedly great PR for both film and band and the festivals will enjoy being linked to the gathering re-emergence and success of the metallers. What will be interesting to follow is if the promise of live shows actually turn into firm bookings, and if the band manage to keep themselves together (both physically and mentally).

All the best to them – everybody deserves a second chance.


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