How To Get A Job in PR – Part 2

So, if you’ve read part one of How To Get A Job in PR, you’ll have already started hunting around the job market, looking for potential Intern opportunities or full time positions.

If the move to PR is following a few years in several other jobs, be it sales, marketing or A N Other, you’ll probably be looking to go in at a slightly higher level than a fresh faced young buck straight out of University. Conversely, if you are coming out of University, hopefully you’ll have done a module requiring you to get some work experience as part of your course – this will help no end.

Who’s right for me?

Whether it’s an internship or full time AE role you’re looking for, this is a key question. The culture of a PR agency or in-house team, will be defined by the sort of sector within the industry they’re in. If you’re a bit cool or quirky, look at joining a consumer lifestyle agency, or if you’ve got a burning desire to work alongside trade associations and change the world through politics, look at a public affairs agency, or if you’re always on Twitter and facebook, what about joining a digital team?

Do you want to join a large agency or a small/medium one?

Firstly, how do you tell how large an agency is? A good guide is of course the number of employees. 1-20 is small, 20-100 is medium, 100+ is big. A good way to see just how big the agency is, is to see if they run a graduate scheme.

Then, look at your key strengths and skills – hopefully you’ll be a half decent writer, know how to Google and be reading newspapers everyday. Will you stand out in a small agency, or be hidden away in a large one?

Now look at your interests. It helps if you’re in PR to be able to ‘live the brand‘, as they say. Basically, if you’ve got to tell someone all about it and don’t believe 100% that what you’re saying is going to change their life, it won’t. So find a PR team that looks like they will have clients that rock your socks.

Where do I find PR teams?

Good question. For subversive creatures, PRs, agencies and in-house, are easier to find than you might think. Type in PR Agency to google (looky look, i’ve already done it for you) and you’ll see that there are loads of websites that pop up for PR agencies.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Take time to look around their websites and see what clients they’ve had or have on their roster and ask yourself if you’dlike to work for those brands.

Now What?

Send them an e-mail, or even better give them a phone call, and ask a) if they’re hiring, and b) if they’re looking for an extra pair of hands around the office – in that order. If they’re not looking for an intern, liklihood is their budget is stretched and they won’t be looking for anyone to fill a full time role just yet.

However, they’re more than likely to ask for a CV. So spend some time making sure it’s ship shape, and remember to include key practical skills – ie have you worked with Photoshop or Indesign before? Remember, it all helps you to stand out from the crowd which will ineviteably be gathering as the end of the University year approaches.

When should I get in contact?

After you’ve read Thursday’s third and final part of course :-)

But, in all seriousness, it is a distinctly good time to begin giving your CV out to PR teams – it gets you in front of them ahead of everybody else who’ll be doing the same thing after Graduation day, if they’ve not started already.

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