Shoreditch Twit 6 – Bagels, Booze and Bum Notes

Tuesday night’s 6th Shoreditch Twit was the first Twitter-based event I’ve been to and now i’m hungry for more.

The event, put together by @lewiswebb, allowed me to connect with people by handshake, whom i’d only ever sent 140 character messages to. Now this sort of thing could be quite awkward, y’know REAL people, but with everyone eager to talk and extend that hand of friendship forged through cyberspace to actual real life, the atmosphere was abuzz.

Whilst Elle Jay and Phil played, an attentive crowd listened downstairs, but further shooting the breeze was taking place upstairs in the tiny confines of the very Shoreditch Austin’s Gallery. Art hanging off the walls, empty cans lining a walled balcony and ambient blue lights shining down, the venue was, apart from being especially hectic, uber cool.

The surprise of the night was bumping into a former employee of a former employer. Gavin runs Naked Ape PR and we had an all-too brief chat before he disappeared.

This sums up what Tweet Ups mean to me – they are for meeting people you wouldn’t have otherwise met, talking to tweeps you’d usually type to, and introducing yourself to all kinds of positive opportunities that are sat there, just at your fingertips.

It was a pleasure to finally meet Jaz, Lolly and Lewis the magnificent Elle Jay and Phil, as well as meet Kai for the second time in 5 days!

Image courtesy of Lolly

Image courtesy of Lolly

Hopefully the next Shoreditch Twit will not be too far away, and bagels, beer and wine will again be provided in plentiful amounts to keep the conversation flowing, the ideas pouring and the relationships forging.


4 thoughts on “Shoreditch Twit 6 – Bagels, Booze and Bum Notes

  1. Lovely meeting you too at last! No doubt Lewis will host another Tweet up in Shoreditch real soon, but if you’re really hungry you’re more than welcome to come to the Dirty South Twit on March 17th ;)

    @dirtysouthtwit ;)

  2. I might just pop down to DST and the only work you’ll need to do on the photos will be to photoshop me out them – i’ve been known to melt the internet with my ‘looks’ :-)

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