Journalism and PR Sitting In a Tree

Friday’s Evening Standard published a brilliant PR story about a band called The Mentalists, who recorded a version of MGMT‘s track Kids using their iPhones. The article was written by Mark Prigg, one of my favourite tech journalists, and was a 3/4 page piece dominated by a 1/3 page photo of the girls in typical girlband pose.

Two further pictures included one an iPhone and a still from the video that showed the girls playing their phones to make up the track.

From a PR perspective, this is a brilliant example of two or three factors coming together to provide the perfect story to pitch to the nationals or consumer mags, as well as having the right level of fun to be picked up across music, tech, news and mobile websites. Incidentally, if you’d like a read of the technological aspects of this story, have a read of this post at

Whether Apple had much to do with getting the girls to make the video and song, I doubt. This looks particularly as if it came from the band’s PR firm, whoever that may be. Incidentally if you know who it is, do put them in touch ;-)

The big give aways for this come in the final section which tells the story of the band, how they have set up their own label and have released a single on iTunes (who hasn’t??) as well as their web address at the end. Other clues include vast amounts of personal information and the one image of an iPhone, which is grainy, compared to the two pictures of the girls, one of which is nice and shiny…

It was good to see that a third party quote was thrown in to add some credibility to the piece, with the highly respected Stuart Dredge of Music Ally, Pocket Gamer and Pocket Picks, getting a perfectly placed two sentences into the mix.

A great example of PR for both The Mentalists and the iPhone, and a well written piece – PR and journalism working perfectly, for once.


4 thoughts on “Journalism and PR Sitting In a Tree

  1. Highly respected? I should be getting you to do my PR ;o)

    I thought the Mentalists thing was great, of course, it won’t work half as well for anyone else who tries it now, so they did well.

  2. Ha, all you’ve got to do is ask ;-) And thanks for the comment!

    I think the great thing is that with this, everyone’s a winner – iPhone, Sony BMG and the band. Perfect case of everybody getting what they want to make a good story that the readers will genuinely find interesting.

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