Weekly Round Up

I’ve been a bit poorly this week and not written as much as I’d have liked to. I have managed to get some reading in this week thankfully!

So, here’s some stuff you might have missed…

Over at read Write Web they reported how Digg’s rate of growth is much quicker than Facebook’s, when comparing their respective ages. Why’s this important? Digg is the holy grail, in terms of getting traffic through a third party referrer. It’s estimated that a front page of Google can get your brand in front of 300 million pairs of eyeballs – imagine that on a Facebook scale.

I read this post by David Armano in which he discusses how brands are slowly ctaching up with the idea of social media and actively getting involved:

Brands, companies, businesses and individuals are going to learn by doing. If you want to make money building your consulting business around their efforts—help them. Or get the hell out of the way

Over at Robert Scoble‘s blog, he wrote a post titled SXSW 2009 will be known as the “SMS & location explosion SXSW”. Robert looks at how SXSW “it’s clear that this year is going to be remembered for when location exploded onto the scene.” Now of course would be the ideal time to talk about geo-location tagging, location based gaming and the like. But I won’t, that’s an entirely different blog post altogether.

Mypsace this week introduced Fotoflexer‘s new editing photo software to allow their users to perform basic tasks such as cropping, flipping, removing red-eye etc. Ok so it’s not AMAZING, but it’s simple software that will but Fotoflexer in the hands of millions of people.

Scott Monty wrote a short but very enlightening piece on marketing to Generation Y’ers (that’s me folks) which said that GY to take notice of ads on social networks, but think they’re irrelevant. Scott makes the point that it’s important for marketers to “provide value and be contextually relevant to why they’re there in the first place. Don’t interrupt them with your ads and expect results.”, here here.


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