Spotify, MTV Staying Alive and Safe Sex

Spotify is teaming up with MTV Staying Alive to create some ‘play safe’ playlists promoting safe sex.

There are 33 million people living with AIDS and HIV, a number that is increasing each day. Why? Because people are having unsafe sex – so, do your bit, and take the three pledges at to make a stand and play safely ;-)

So what better way to get involved than to make a playlist of music to get you in the mood in the bedroom?

Artists such as The Stereophonics, James Walsh from Starsailor and Rhys from Goldie Lookin’ Chain (and Matt from Cedar!) have already submitted theirs, so what are you waiting for?

Not being able to resist, here’s mine…

Big thanks to Michael Litman (@litmanlive) and the team at Consolidated PR for the heads up about this brilliant cause.


3 thoughts on “Spotify, MTV Staying Alive and Safe Sex

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