Music Industry Tweeps

There are lists of musicians on Twitter knocking around, but there’s not a particularly brilliant resource looking at the best music writers or music industry folk to follow.

Here then is a list of essential music industry tweeps to follow, be they A&R, technologically minded or a journalistically inclined:

@alanjmcgee – Alan McGee (Discovered Oasis)
@perreauBen Perreau (Gigulate)
@christianward – Christian Ward (Song a Day)
@conormcnicholas – Conor McNicholas (Editor of the NME)
@haynes_daveDave Haynes (Sound Cloud)
@davidhooperDavid Hooper (Music Marketing Guru)
@DavidMoynihan – David Moynihan (Editor
@dbrose67David Rose (Know The Music Biz)
@DamoBiddlesDamien Bidmead (Digital Junkie)
@BoringbytheseaDavid Renshaw (Writer)
@jamiefullerton1 – Jamie Fullerton (NME Asst. News Ed)
@lejeff Jeff Marois (Music Industry Consultant)
@jinglejangle – Joerg Peters (Universal Germany)
@theKTBKim Taylor-Bennett (Blogger etc)
@lukelewis – Luke Lewis (NME Dep Ed)
@musicinnovationMatthijs Bobeldijk (Music Marketing)
@MarsM – Mars Mertens (Dutch Music Copyright organisation Buma/Stemra)
@Markbeaumontuk – Mark Beaumont (Guardian Music)
@MirandacookMiranda Cook (Mixmag writer)
@pennydist – Nick Fitzsimons (Promo, distro & marketing)
@sarah_huntSarah Hunt (A&R type)
@seaninsoundSean Adams (Drowned in Sound)
@beamadelica – Stuart Dredge (Music Ally writer)
@RockertycoonZac Clark (Blogger)


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