Weekly Round Up 04.04.09

The big story/rumour this week came from Techcrunch who published an article claiming that Google, the world’s busiest search engine with a 73% market share, were in talks to acquire Twitter. As the story has played out over the last 72 hours, Biz Stone has put out a non-denial type blog post saying that Twitter is always in discussion with various groups, and it has been leaked that the Twitter hierarchy would want in excess of $1bn – watch this space…

I was interested to read an interview on VentureBeat with Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki, their Executive Vice President. A large proportion of the interview pitts Nokia vs. Steve Jobs’ iPhone, and this is something that the Finnish mobile giant needs to be very wary of. Nokia software and the Symbian operating system may well be used by over a billion people, but how many of those billion are thought leaders and key influencers in the mobile sphere? By focussing on the current numbers, rather than innovating and getting the industry onside, Nokia risk losing this core demographic who drive sales through word of mouth.

I couldn’t agree more with Laurent Francois’ post There’s nothing less natural than a brand in a mailbox, with an over arching view that:

there’s nothing less natural & normal than receiving an email or an ad from Scientology or Pizza delivery services, online or offline

Totally true, yet so obviously missed by many brands trying to play with the Internet’s ability to force information at consumers in large mass onslaughts – this is something that we all need to remember as communication becomes more and more open.


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