Employers Use Internet To Test Job Candidates

No way, really? According to research from Job-Job.co.uk, 22% employers use the Internet to reaserch job candidates’ ‘secret lives’ (as the press release puts it) before an interview.

It is inconceivable that someone looking to fill a role wouldn’t do this given the amount of information that is available about potential job prospects floating around on social networks. In all honesty, I thought the figure would be higher.

It is true that you can’t determine a person’s suitability for a position purely on the way they portray themselves on the net, but it helps to provide a bigger picture of that person’s personality.

What we’re now missingt statistic wise, is the amount of potential employees using social networks to get themselves hired, and learning more about a company before applying for a job there.

Michael Litman provided a great insight to finding a job on Twitter, and it wil be of no surprise that this is becoming an ever popular way to get yourself hired. Why bother firing out a hundred CVs when you’re following all the right people anyway, and can talk to them directly? It’s making you less of an employee and more of an asset by being proactive.

If you’re going to use this method to start searching for a job, it’s worth remembering that those drunken Facebook photos may well work against you, and think of Twitter as your business card – this is an adage I am particularly keen on.

There’s no harm in having photos or information plastered all over the Internet, but wonder what you’d think as an employer if you stumbled across them for the first time? Do they show you having a good time and socialising, or being drunk and disorderly?


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