A few weeks ago, Alltop launched MyAlltop, a customiseable page which allows you to draw in your own Alltop feeds.

For those of you thinking, WTF?, Alltop is an online collection of the best blog feeds covering a whole host of topics from music and sport, to digital media and feminism. It is the ‘magazine shelf’ of the Internet, created by Guy Kawasaki.

Here’s a video tutorial of how to create your own Alltop feed:

I’ve been a fan of Alltop since it launched and It has led to me finding a great number of blogs that I now regularly subscribe to. Even the Seldom Seen Kid has made the cut in the social media feeds, of which, i’m very proud.

What is great about the new feed service is, essentially, the ease of of adding new blogs and the oh-so-simple UI. What Alltop have achieved is a really friendly RSS feed aggregator that is pleasant to use and friendly on the trigger finger. Ok, so you can’t add RSS feeds that aren’t in their library, but this is no matter as most topics are covered, more are popping up every day, and any blogs not included probably soon will be.

Does this signal the end for traditional RSS readers such as Bloglines or Google reader? No, But it does show them that there’s a new kid in town who’s looking to make everybody’s live easier, and that if they don’t adapt, they could find themselves in trouble.

You can check out my ever-changing Alltop feeds here.


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