Guardian G20 Protestor Video of Police

I tend not to get political on here, but this video from the Guardian showing a G20 protestor, Ian Tomlinson, being pushed to the ground by police who later died from a heart attack, is a damning condemnation of the bullying tactics used by police at the recent protests.

The chap in question was a newspaper seller and clearly was not a participant in the demonstrations. What’s more, he has his hands in his pockets and cannot properly cushion himself as he falls to the floor as he his surrounded by alrge group of police officers.

I cannot help but feel shocked and appalled by the footage and hope that those responsible are held accountable.


One thought on “Guardian G20 Protestor Video of Police

  1. “clearly was not a participant in the demonstrations” – but let’s not forget that even if he *was* a participant in the protests the police actions are utterly unjustifiable…

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