Seesmic Desktop Review – Twitter’s new Tweetdeck rival

Seesmic Desktop Preview is the latest competitor to Tweetdeck as Twitter’s best desktop application. The sleek mac-looking application has the potential to give Tweetdeck a run for it’s money, and so far, I like what I see.

Yes, the grey look does scream ‘APPLE’ and I’m sure Steve Jobs would approve aesthetically, and it initally looks less clunky than Tweetdeck.

You’ll notice from the screenie that the message bar is at the top of the window with a variety of URL shorteners, and tabs for DM’s, mentions and user groups are located to the left hand side. You can also search for custom keywords and setup permanent columns for these so you’re always in the loop and you can group firends and put them in specific columns – nice.

Hovering over a user’s avatar brings up four small buttons to retweet, @, DM and add the user to a specific group. Soon, you’ll also be able to share pictures and video directly from the application – cool.

You have the option to load as many twitter profiles as you have into the one application – this is a major feature for users who switch between one or two accounts frequently, say for work and personal use, and is an easy way to keep track of all your accounts.

Seesmic uses slightly more memory than Tweetdeck. I had them both running side by side and Twitter was running off 101mb and Seesmic was using 167mb, so, pretty even.

One slight irritance (and it’s only minor) is that your mouse becomes trapped on links and scrollbars making the UI seem juddery when it is, in reality, not.

First impressions are good. Ilike the look and the ability to go from my personal account, to my band’s account, to my music blog’s account in a matter of seconds – this is a huge step for Twitter desktop apps and is an exciting development. I’m really looking forward to playing with the next update of Seesmic and the new innovations they’ll be coming up with. The tussle to be the best Twitter desktop app has really kicked off.

Sign up to try Seesmic here.


5 thoughts on “Seesmic Desktop Review – Twitter’s new Tweetdeck rival

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  4. I’ve been using Tweetdeck for a while now after starting off with Twirl…looks like I may have to give Seesmic a try now…not sure I like the name that much tho!

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