Weekly Round Up 11.04.09

I popped along to the Apple store on Regent Street yesterday and found myself face to face with the new iPod Shuffle. Steve Jobs and co. have done a cracking job making this new version sleeker and more pocket friendly. The controls are now embedded into the ear phones, which means that you have to have the Apple listening device, but, cuts down on buton pressing. At 4GB and £60, this is not to be sniffed at.

The Spotify story continues to evolve: first they sign a deal with 7digital to make downloads available, now they’ve opened up their API to developers so they can create apps, and then make them available to premium customers exclusively. There’s your business model. Long live Spotify!

It was reported on Mashable that Bebo has grown 50% in the last month, that coupled with Facebook’s 200 million users, show that social networks are growing and becoming even more important that we first acknowledged.

The Twittersphere has had much to sing and dance about this week with the release of the latest Tweetdeck update (disclosure: the link is to a post that I wrote for Zath.co.uk) as well as the privated release of the Seesmic Desktop Preview application. Not only are we now in a competitive desktop landscpae, there’s an opportunity for real innovation to occur too.


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