o2 iPhone Twitter Experiment

I’ll be honest, after being initially sceptical of the iPhone, i have been convinced that the o2 driven wonder phone is the way to go. I apologise to Elliot unreservedly for taking the michael out of the connection speed, dodgy connectivityand unresponsive vibrate alerts :-)

I have, in a bid to upgrade to an iPhone now, rather than in July when my contract is up for renewal, deliberately tweeted the following in the hope of getting o2’s attention:

Oh hai o2, have 3 months left on mobile contract – anyway to upgrade so i can get an iPhone now rather than later?

I have tweeted this on an Easter Sunday at 18:51 when the team in their offices who’d usually be monitoring for such activity will surely be on Easter hols, and resuming their social media monitoring on Tuesday.


a) It’ll be interesting to see if I get a response
b) I want to see how long it takes to get a response (o2 is mentioned 15 times in 2 hours according to Twitter Search)
c) I want to know how personal the response will be
d) Will I be directed to their sales line or will I be able to talk to an o2 representative over Twitter?

This is of interest to me particularly because of the PR I do in the mobile space and my general interest in brand engagement in the social media sphere.

The official UK o2 Twitter account is here and has been active today, so let’s see what happens…

**UPDATE** 23/04/09
You can read the conclusion here.


4 thoughts on “o2 iPhone Twitter Experiment

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  2. No apology required – it’s all part of being an Apple evangelist…

    Adds to our feeling of brand loyal self-righteousness!

    Been a loyal O2 customer since the BT Cellnet days too, so I’m looking forward to hearing the results of the experiment to see how new media-savvy they are.

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