WordPress Upgrade Blog Search Function

On Friday, WordPress announced that they had upgraded their blog search function. This is brilliant for several reasons:

Google blog search is not instantaneous – WordPress now is. What better way to search for the latest opinions and news in the blogosphere around different topics AND have them delivered to an RSS feed? Fantastic.

The blogging community will grow – Why not check out other bloggers articles through WordPress search rather than trawling through lots of material in other search engines, then tell that person that you found what you were looking for on their blog? Blog views are exchanged, friendships are formed.

Brand/blogger relations – If a crisis breaks in the blogosphere, the affected brand can see how comment is forming, as it forms, which means they can respond quicker and keep their customers happy.

The next interesting development will be to see when other search engines have this ‘instant findability’ (as the WordPress team call it) and can implement real time blog updates in their offerings – exciting times!


6 thoughts on “WordPress Upgrade Blog Search Function

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