Weekly Round Up 18.4.09

The big news from the Twittersphere this week was the arrival of Oprah Winfrey on the platform. Her first tweet went out to at least 80,000 users, and as it stands (12.18 GMT) she has 252,167 followers – a number which will definitely grow and could surpass that of Ashton Kutcher, who became the first user to hit 1,000,000 followers this week.

The mobile inudustry has had two bits of bad news this week – first Nokia announced a 90% drop in sales, and then Sony Ericsson released figures showing that they must cut their workforce by 2,000 after sales dropped 50%.

Pirate Bay’s founders were sentenced to jail for a year on Friday after a court finally heard their two year case. Understandably, they were pretty miffed, but it is a strategic own goal for the entertainment industry. This will spawn many more copy cats and the major music labels and film studios, had better be prepared for a backlash. I will explain my views on this further on in the week, as it deserves much more than a paragraph – read Jed Hallam‘s observations which are pretty much spot on.


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