Top 10: Blogs about Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a technique that is used to brainstorm ideas and create solutions to problems through images and words. By linking one form to another as organically as possible, we can look to solve complex issues and to produce brilliant strategies or creative ways of showcasing content.

Here are some of the best blogs looking to help you do exactly that.

1) Mind
2) Attraction Mind Map
3) Knowledge Jolt
4) Mind Map Inspiration
5) IQ Matrix
6) Mindmap Blog
7) Idea Mapping
8) Litemind
9) MindMapSwitch

What other blogs do you read to stimulate ideas and creativity?


6 thoughts on “Top 10: Blogs about Mind Mapping

  1. Thanks for all your suggestions, there’s some fantastic content out there :-) And thank you for popping by!

  2. Hi Matt, Have a look at Goal Mapping at (a website I know, but has an attached blog) It’s a goal setting tool based on accelerated learning that can also be used as a think tank, solution generator or way to come up with creative strategies. I’ve been using the system for over ten years and the results have been incredible.

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