Million Model Catwalk – Fashion Targets at London Bloggers Meetup

For everyone at Tuesday’s London Blogger Meetup, we had the pleasure of meeting the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer UK (FTBC) team who spoke with us about Million Model Catwalk. You can foolow the team on Twitter @FashionTargets, and there’s even a dedicated hashtag #1mmc.

Ten celebrities, including Jade Jagger, Sara Cox, Mark Foster and Bryan Ferry, are supporting FTBC as they try to raise £1m to help fight breast cancer. Did you know that nearly 46,000 women and 300 men (yep even we get affected chaps) are diagnosed with breast cancer annually in the UK, and that 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime? Neither did I. Mark Foster sums it all up rather well, “The photo shoot for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was a lot of fun – but ultimately for a serious cause. I am happy to give an hour or so to help save or change lives – that’s what this campaign and this charity is all about.”

In the UK, so far the FTBC campaign has raised over £9m for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, which goes towards supporting education, research and work raising awareness of the issue and cause.

The idea behind Million Model Catwalk is that you upload a photo of yourself and strut your stuff down a virtual catwalk alongside the celebs – neat. The FTBC clothes range includes designs from River Island, Coat, Topshop and sustainable design company, Goodone. You can check out the trendy t-shirts from the MMC blog which has links through to the relevant retailers.

Million Model Catwalk is also offering some top fashion tips from Gerry DeVeaux, who has given his predictions for the next spring and summer trends.

Finally, there’s a a series of weekly competitions you can enter to win a a whole bunch of cool prizes (swish).

There’s a lot of effort being put in to raise the level of public acknowledgement of Breast Cancer, and this is just one strand of that activity. It’s a great cause with some really clever ideas to get you involved, so please check out the Million Model Catwalkwebsite and blog and get involved!


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